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Glaze 'N Seal is a leading supplier since 1962 of quality sealers and maintenance care products for the concrete, masonry, tile, and natural stone markets. glaze 'n seal offers a complete line of sealers, including:
  • Film forming sealers (coating type)
  • Penetrating sealers (non-coating type)


These proprietary, premium sealers have earned a strong acceptance in many markets due to their:
  • Superior performance, even under difficult conditions
  • Ease of use both indoors and outdoors
  • Exceptional oil and grease resistance


Product Innovations:

Glaze 'N Seal developed the industry’s first Original “Wet Look Lacquer sealer for porous concrete, stone & tile. Wet Look Lacquer has a super tough film that protects interior and exterior surfaces from all types of stain and oil. It has a reputation of being one of the industries leading UV resistant, clear non-yellowing solvent base acrylic finish that produces a rich “wet look” appearance. 

“Wet Look” 2000 Lacquer Sealer offers the same quality characteristics as the Original, but is a lower VOC g/l version of the Original for more restricted Air Quality districts.

“Wet Look” Green Lacquer is a revolutionary super low VOC formula with all the same qualities as the Original, but meets even the strictest Air Quality districts requirements.

Glaze ‘N Seal Multi Purpose sealer is the most versatile interior/ exterior concrete and masonry sealer. Multi Purpose medium sheen water base sealer is an easy to use formula, easy re-coats and gives a strong durable resistance to stains, oil, efflorescence and concrete fading.