Does my natural stone need to be sealed?

When it comes to natural stone, there are many important factors when considering your sealing options. Whether your natural stone is found in your house or place of business, sealing your stone will help protect and enhance your stone.Glaze ‘N Seal offers an advanced stone care line for all your fine quality stones like marble, granite, travertine, limestone and limestone plasters. Natural in finish our impregnating sealers, enhancer sealer and stone cleaners offer premium advanced stone care protection. Glaze ‘N Seal’s Advanced Stone Care line is easy to use quality products for the professional or novice.



Stone Sealant Impregnator

The Stone Sealant Impregnator is a premium water base penetrating sealer that utilizes “state of the art” technology pioneered by Glaze ’N Seal, to provide unsurpassed oil and grease resistance on a wide range of surfaces. Use on all natural stone including marble, limestone, travertine, granite and slate. The easy to use water base formula will provides long lasting protection on concrete, flagstone, and other masonry surfaces. It provides stain and mildew resistance without harsh solvents, odors or surface coatings. It is LEED eligible.

• Use on all surfaces, porous, dense and grout
• Water base
• Water and oil resistant
• No solvents
• No odor
• Unbeatable oil resistance
• Low VOC formula


Stone Color Enhancer

A “state-of-the-art” premium, stain, oil and water repellant that will deepen the color of most tumbled marble, honed travertine, flamed granite and other natural stone surfaces. Stone Color Enhancer is breathable and does not leave a surface coating. It is VOC compliant.

• Seals, protects and enhances in ONE product
• Solvent base
• No film coating or gloss
• Deep penetrating formula
• No unpleasant odor
• Deepens the color of stone and other porous surfaces.


Stain Defense Sealer

A premium, oil and water repellent that maintains a “Natural Look” appearance while forming a barrier that resists moisture, stains and mildew. Suitable for interior and exterior vertical and horizontal surfaces. This product is breathable and does not leave a surface coating. It is Ideal for surfaces like polished granite, plaster and areas that have frequent water contact. It may also be used as a pre-sealer and as a grout sealer. . Stain Defense Sealer is VOC compliant

• Use on all surfaces, porous, dense, and grout
• Solvent base
• Water and oil resistant
• Deep penetrating formula
• No unpleasant odor
• Exceptional water beading
• Ideal for dense surfaces like polished granite