How to Seal & Maintain Glazed and Unglazed Porcelain

Product recommended: Glaze ‘N Seal Stone Sealant Impregnator is a water base sealer that provides a no shine “natural look” and premium resistance to stains, oil & water on polished and unpolished porcelain. Can be used interior and exterior.

Application equipment: White cotton towels, clean lambs wool applicator, dense sponge, sprayer or paint pad applicator.

Procedure: Read product label directions carefully and test a small area to insure satisfactory results before proceeding


NOTE: It may be necessary to pre-seal tile before grouting, particularly if dark, colored grout is used or tile
surface has rough texture. Glaze `N Seal Stone Sealant Impregnator may be used as a pre-seal grout release.
Apply one liberal coat wiping off excess sealer before it is allowed to dry on surface.


  • Grout according to manufacturer’s directions Clean as you grout to minimize water contact. Be sure tiles are clean, free of grout haze, and dry before final seal of tile and grout. Wait at least 24 hours, or more.


  1. Sweep or vacuum surface.
  2. Apply one (1) liberal, even coat of Glaze `N Seal Stone Sealant Impregnator with a lambs wool applicator, sponge or sprayer. Put extra sealer in grout.
  3. Wipe surface dry of excess sealant after 10 minutes with clean, white cotton towels or rags.
  4. Allow surface to dry at least four (4) hours, or overnight, before allowing limited traffic.

NOTE: Glaze `N Seal Stone Sealant Impregnator is a water-based, “natural look” sealant that forms a barrier that resists moisture and stains – even oil! It is especially appropriate for high traffic areas and in food preparation and serving areas where maximum stain resistance is desired. If water resistance is a special concern, (such as shower area or pool waterline tile), we recommend Glaze ‘N Seal Stain Defense Sealer be used instead of Glaze `N Seal Stone Sealant Impregnator .

NOTE: For interior use, when an additional gloss and protection is needed, Glaze `N Seal High Gloss Acrylic Floor Polish may be used after sealing. Periodic re-application of Acrylic Floor Polish may be required.

Routine Cleaning

Product Recommendation: Glaze `N Seal’s Neutral Cleaner : Synthetic mop and bucket with wringer or sponge.


  1.  Vacuum or sweep surface.
  2. Apply solution onto the surface and allow to dwell on surface 3-5 minutes.
  3. Agitate with a clean sponge or mop.
  4. Use mop or wet-vac to remove dirty solution.
  5. Rinse mop and change cleaning solution at least every 500 sq.ft. or as needed for large areas.
  6. (Optional) Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Periodic Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Product Recommendation: Glaze `N Seal’s Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Cleaning Equipment: Synthetic mop and bucket with wringer, and scrub brush or scrub machine.


  1. Sweep or vacuum surface.
  2. Mix one (1) part Glaze `N Seal’s Heavy Duty Cleaner to 15 parts water.
  3. Apply solution on to surface allow to dwell on surface 3-5 minutes.
  4. Agitate with scrub brush or scrub machine.
  5. Use mop or wet-vac to remove dirty solutions.
  6. Rinse mop and change cleaning solution at least every 100 sqft. or as needed for larger areas.
  7. Rinse thoroughly with water



  • Vacuum or sweep the surface daily to remove loose dirt and soil.
  • Use protective felt pads on legs of moveable furniture.
  • Promptly wipe up any spills to minimize the risk of staining.