How to Seal with Glaze ‘N Seal’s Natural Look Extra Strength Penetrating Sealer


natural look sealer

APPLICATION Prior to applying sealer always test a small area to verify penetration and satisfaction of appearance. Allow 24-hours to dry and cure.

POROUS SURFACES Apply to saturation with brush, roller or spray device, one liberal coat. However, DO NOT allow any excess sealer to remain on the surface.

IMPORTANT NOTES Any sealer not absorbed in 1 to 2 minutes must be immediately removed by wiping and polishing with dry, absorbent rags. On vertical surfaces start at the top and work down keeping a “wet edge” at all times. Avoid run-down and overlapping. In 4-hours, substrate can be tested for water repellency by sprinkling water drops on surface. If water beads and does not penetrate, repellency is satisfactory. On exceptionally porous surfaces, a second coat may be necessary. If applying a second coat, it is critical not to allow ANY sealer to dry on the surface.

DENSE SURFACES Apply one light coat. Be extremely careful to remove any excess sealer from the surface before it dries. Always test for suitability prior to total application. If test shows any sign of white precipitate it may be necessary to thin sealer (3- parts sealer to 1 part water) and retest. If visible precipitate continues, contact your supplier. Allow sealer to dry at least 24 hours to develop maximum water repellency.

CAUTIONS Glass, aluminum, glazed tile and other surfaces should be protected from sealer contact. The alkalinity of this sealer may damage lawns and shrubs; protect with a drop cloth.

COVERAGE 100 to 700 square feet per gallon depending on porosity of the surface and method of application. Apply sealer between 50º and 80º F. On warm days, porous and semi-porous surfaces may be lightly dampened with water prior to sealer application. Do not apply sealer during rainy conditions or if rain is anticipated within two hours of application.

STORAGE Do not allow to freeze.

WARRANTY Glaze ’N Seal Products warrants that their Penetrating Sealer, when used with compatible substrates and according to stated application methods, will retain its water repellency for a period of 8 years from the date of application. In the event of a valid claim under this warranty, Glaze ’N Seal Products will furnish sufficient sealer to restore the water repellency or refund the original purchase price for the affected area (at our choice). Glaze ’N Seal Products will not be liable for reapplication labor and expressly disclaims any liability for damage to the contents of the structure or for consequential or incidental damages.