How to seal with Glaze ‘N Seal’s Olé Mexican Tile Sealer


sealing mexican tile

PREPARATION Surface preparation is the MOST important part of applying a clear sealer.All surfaces must be clean, dry, free of efflorescence, dirt, oil, wax, grease and defective paints or sealers. When acid has been used as a cleaning material, the tile surface must be neutralized and rinsed thoroughly prior to application of the sealer.(Use Glaze ’n Seal Neutralizing Rinse and follow instructions on the label). ® Quality Products for Concrete,Tile and Masonry Glaze ’N Seal Products, Irvine, CA FS 16-3/03

APPLICATION Apply Olé with a paint pad applicator, brush or low pressure or airless sprayer. Apply 2 or more thin, even coats. Allow to dry at least 4 hours between coats. Do not over apply. Do not allow sealer to puddle. Surfaces coated with Ole may be used within 24 hours after drying but will continue to gain strength against stains and abrasion for up to three weeks. Estimated coverage: 150-200 sq.feet/gallon with first coat.Additional coats 200-300 sq feet/gallon.

CAUTIONS Always read package directions and do a product test before beginning a project to insure bonding to surface, ease of application, appearance and oil and grease protection. For denser Super Saltillos, machine manufactured pavers or previous sealed tile the first coat of Olé may be diluted with water to improve bonding. Olé may be used as a grout release with 2 coats 48 hours before grouting.After grouting and clean up wait 24 hours before sealing new grout.

MAINTENANCE INDOORS . . . Apply and maintain Glaze ’N Seal Floor Polish over Olé for abrasion protection and to extend the life of Olé. Place protective pads under chair legs and moveable furniture. Clean floors frequently with slightly damp mop using Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner. For more difficult cleaning or polish removal we recommend Glaze ’N Seal Heavy Duty Cleaner.

OUTDOOR . . . Surface may be “hosed off” with plain water or cleaned with Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner. Olé may be reapplied for renewed appearance and added protection as desired (after first removing any topical wax or polish).