Sealing Concrete: 101

When it comes to sealing concrete surfaces, you have to consider your ultimate end “look” and functional goals when choosing your sealer. When sealing concrete, you have the option of coating your surface with a “Film Forming Sealer” or a “Penetrating Sealer”.

Film forming sealers work by forming a protective film on top of the concrete.  The film protects the concrete and repels water and stains with a thin coat that covers the surface. When picking film forming sealers, you have the choice of solvent-based acrylics or water-based acrylics. Solvent-based acrylics give have a deeper rich color and “shine” more than water-based acrylics. Water-based acrylics give more of a subdued shine or matte finish will still retaining some gloss. We offer environmentally friendly options for both types of sealer formulas.

sealing concrete: wet look lacquer

Concrete Treated with Glaze ‘N Seal Wet Look Lacquer Green

Penetrating sealers are not coatings, but instead “penetrate” chemically with the concrete pores to create a hydrophobic substance. This seal is made by creating an atmosphere that does not allow water to penetrate. Concrete slabs that have been treated with penetrating sealers do not significantly change in appearance, leaving a “natural look”.  This allows water to just “bead” on the surface when introduces to a treated concrete surface.

sealing concrete: penetrating sealer

Concrete Treated with Glaze ‘N Seal Natural Look Penetrating Sealer


Glaze ‘N Seal has over 50 years experience creating durable sealer formulas that protect and seal your surface for years to come. Our concrete sealers are offered in both solvent-based and water-based formulas, that work best depending on the look and substrate of your surface. Our top options of concrete sealers include:

Be sure to watch our sealing concrete “How-To” videos and browse our full-line of sealing formulas for all of your surfaces!