Driveway Sealers

There many options a homeowner has when considering the best driveway sealers. When choosing a driveway sealer, you should consider the look, performance, and price you will get from the type of product you choose. Using a sealer on your driveway will help extend the life of your surface as well as enhance the look and vibrance for years.

driveway sealers

Why seal?

Sealing a concrete, paver, or stone driveway will help extend the life of your surface and improve it’s appearance by enhancing the color and gloss. Sealer also help prevent stains and oil which driveways are frequently exposed to. Sealing is an easy DIY job that can be handled by anyone from professionals to homeowners. Follow our “How To” videos for instructions and tips.

What kind of sealer should I use on my driveway?

To answer this question, you need to consider you driveway material and the look you want. For a gloss finish, film forming sealers will offer superior protection will enhancing your surface by deepening color and shine. For a natural look finish, penetrating sealers will “penetrate” chemically with the concrete pores to create a hydrophobic substance. This seal is made by creating an atmosphere that does not allow water to penetrate. Driveways that have been treated with penetrating sealers do not significantly change in appearance, leaving a “natural look”.

driveway sealers

Types of driveway sealers

Matte Finish Driveway Sealer – A matte finish driveway sealer such as Glaze ‘N Seal Multi-Purpose Sealer will protect and enhance your driveway will leaving a low shine on the surface.

High-Gloss Driveway Sealer– A high-Gloss driveway sealer such as Wet Look Lacquer Green is super tough film that will protect your driveway from oil and grease stains while giving a rich “wet look” appearance

Natural-Look Driveway Sealer– A natural-look driveway sealer allows for long-lasting protection against water, dirt & mildew stains on most concrete & masonry surfaces. Glaze ‘N Seal Extra Strength Penetrating sealer forms a strong, water repellent barrier that leaves your driveway with a natural-look. Also consider