EZ Stain Pigment Based Base Coat

Prime & Prep Concrete Over Repairs. Provides an Opaque Surface Before Applying Stain. For Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces.

Glaze ‘N Seal’s EZ Stain Base Coat is simply the EASIEST way to prime & prep concrete before applying stain. Highly opaque and slightly off-white, it will conceal, cover up and blend imperfections and repairs that don’t match creating a uniform surface. Our UV-stable formula uses rich pigments and nano-bonding technology for unmatched bonding that won’t peel or flake.

  • For concrete patios, driveways, walkways, artificial rocks, water features & more
  • Conceals “bleed” rust from structural steel and rebar
  • Cover up and blend concrete repairs that don’t match
  • Can be custom tinted with any Glaze ‘N Seal EZ Stain color
  • Use full strength or dilute to suit your application
  • Reduces surface temperature in sunlight
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